Our Sunday Service

Our Sunday Service runs from 10:00AM to 12:00PM

From 10:00AM to 10:10AM, we will open in prayer and engage in hymns.

From 10:10AM to 10:35AM, we will have our teaching time, where we may discuss a short informative video, or we might hear a message from one of the missions we support.

From 10:35AM to 10:50AM we have our Morning Tea. This consists of a light snack, such as a slice of cake or a bickie, with a hot cuppa of tea, milo, or coffee. An important aspect of church is being able to take part in fellowship and having the opportunity to encourage or seek encouragement from a brother or sister in Christ. In that light, we decided having a bit of time to have a cuppa during the service was a great idea.

From 10:50AM to 11:30AM we have more hymns, time for a pastoral prayer, and if it is the first or third week of the month, we will have our communion. You do not have to be a member to take part of communion, but you must be a repentant, born-again Christian.

From 11:30AM to 12:00PM we have our Sermon from Pastor Craig and close out with a hymn and a benediction.

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