Ages 0-5:
At any point in the service where you feel uncomfortable with the amount of noise your bub is making, we have a creche available for you and your bub. We are in the process of fitting the room with speakers so the service can be heard from the creche. A live-stream of the service should also be available.

Ages 5-15:
During our Teaching Time between 10:10AM and 10:35AM, we hold a separate children’s teaching time, where we go through various simply-explained topics of the Bible while encouraging engagement in the topic and supplying the occasional supporting craft.

Young Adults:
In the last week of every month, the young adults take over the service and get involved in the music and the leading of the service. We find it’s a great way of building up skills for group projects and becoming more confident in public speaking, while also creating chances to get closer to God and better understand scripture along the way.

Adults are the main focus-group of our services. We delve deep into scripture to better understand the love God has for us so that we can share that love to the community around us and in our homes.

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